What is an internship?


Great question! 

Paid Internships


Paid internships are a type of learning that incorporates theory and in-class knowledge with practical application, and the opportunity to cultivate valuable skills in a professional setting. Paid internships focus on providing experiences that benefit both the student and the employer.


Distinguishing Factors of Paid Internships

  • There should be an intentional outline of goals or learning objectives that are integrated into the internship position. This differentiates internships from volunteer work or short-term job positions.

  • An evaluation of these objectives upon internship completion is an important element in determining whether or not these goals have been met.

  • Internships encourage the development of professional skills in the workplace, it also allows students to explore various career avenues.

Examples of Paid Internship Positions

Pathways alumni and students have diverse interests. Here are some of the opportunities that have been made available through the internship program:


Business Analysis:  Works closely with project management teams to develop more effective and efficient business processes. 

Human Resources Intern:   Supports everything from payroll to employment offers, to recruitment, and compensation.


Accounting & Strategic Management:  Assist with day-to-day office administration, taxes, audits, and bank reconciliation.


Retail Banking:  Develop superior customer service skills to work with clients in a local bank. 

Law Assistant:  Support lawyers with various administrative tasks, interact with clients, conduct legal research, and process important documents. 


Marketing & Communications:  Develop an organization's creative external image from start to finish.